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Our Company
In 2006, Harahan, Louisiana, was an area still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Katrina. From such trying times, wonderful things can be born. Unity Education Resources set out to put the needs of Educators and Students at the center of our operations, and tailor our actions to revolve around individualized service for each unique Customer. We believe that we can help to build, or rebuild, our Communities and our Nation by contributing to positive Educational Environments for every Student.
This is the philosophy which continues to shape our company, and determine our direction. We provide more than just Instructional Materials and Furnishings for every Educational need. We offer product information, planning services, and delivery coordination, to make the entire purchasing process run smoothly. Sure, we can deliver crayons, paper, and glue overnight for your big art festival tomorrow! But we will also help you begin planning now for the construction project that will break ground next year, so that the day classes begin, every Student, Teacher, Administrator, and Support Staff member has everything needed to enjoy a complete Educational Environment.
Our Services
Building Project Furniture Planning and Fulfillment
We can provide specifications for comparison, samples of different types of furniture, and Interior Design professionals to help you make choices that fit your needs. We can provide CAD services to insure proper space utilization, and complete finish options to coordinate multiple manufacturer product lines with the interior design of your building. We can coordinate LEED, GreenGard, Cradle-to-Cradle, and other certifications to meet your environmental goals for new buildings or renovations.
Unity also offers complete turn-key installation by professional teams dedicated to making every furniture project a complete success.
Consumable Usage Analysis
We will analyze your actual purchasing patterns, finding the best way to help you spend less on the items you buy more often, while still offering great value on an entire spectrum of consumable products. We can also help you convert to stockless supply fulfillment, eliminating spoilage, damage, and the unnecessary investment in supplies which sit on warehouse shelves waiting to be requested. Our overnight delivery capability allows you to buy just what you need, just when you need it.
Contract Purchasing to meet Statutory Requirements
Unity holds State, Local, and Regional contracts which conform with most Purchasing Statute requirements for schools and state agencies. We are always working to win competitive awards which will allow more users to access our product lines through contracts which provide the benefits of larger purchasing groups, even to smaller districts and purchasing units.
Company Headquarters
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Phone: (615) 507-3900
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Our Commitment
We commit this to the Educators of our Communities, and to the Students that you serve: We will invest our time, our experience, our resources, and our creativity to help you achieve your goals, by providing the furnishings and materials which will form an Environment that Encourages Achievement, and assisting you in the careful use of funds dedicated to those needs.